I ate: gluten free pizza at Mastino V

Mastino V Full Moon

The marinara pizza is my usual go-to when friends decide to eat out at pizza restaurants. But plenty of places now offer vegan pizza with non-dairy cheese, including the newly opened Mastino V. Pictured above is their “Full Moon” with the most delicious cherry tomatoes I’ve had in a while, lots of pine nuts, and served on gluten-free dough. I don’t follow a gluten-free diet but have a few friends who are allergic, so it’s great that there are restaurants now catering to both GF and vegan diners. Yay for inclusiveness.

Mastino V @ Bilderdijkstraat 192

Mastino has its original restaurant in De Pijp, where it offers four different vegan pizza flavours. A few weeks back, Mastino V, its second venture, opened up in Bilderdijkstraat, and as mentioned is completely gluten free and primarily vegan (you have the option of choosing dairy cheese instead, but…let’s not). When we went it was maybe about 75% full, and it mostly functions as a take-away shop so there were streams of people coming in and out and taking their pizza on the go – having said that, the seating area upstairs was nicely decorated and comfortable too.

Mastino V Menu

Mastino V’s menu consists of 12 different pizzas, and you can also request to have certain ingredients removed or added. The prices are on the upper end, definitely more than what you’d pay at a standard pizza place, but bear in mind that the restaurant is completely gluten free and therefore probably require certain precautions to be taken, increasing the cost (but am no expert on GF kitchen/foods so cannot be sure if this is actually the case). Slightly irrelevant, but I love their rustic menu design, font and their logo. Also, look how pretty these napkins are:

Mastino V

Doodle goals.

Mastino V Freida

We got the Full Moon (furthest away, and in the first photo above) and the Frida & Diego. I am usually a fan of guacamole but my vote here goes to Full Moon, mostly due to the insanely fresh and amazing tomatoes that topped the pizza, as explained above. The gluten free dought obviously tastes slightly different to usual pizza dough, but still very delicious, chewy and crispy. I had ordered the non gluten-free “New Vegan” pizza from Mastino (in de Pijp) previously and would say I prefer that version, but at the same time I want to support Mastino V’s venture into gf/vegan dishes so will probably visit the V branch more often.


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