I ate: Tofu Roll & Rainbow Wrap at Vegabond

Vegabond Tofu Roll

Vegan pastries aren’t always the easiest to find. Cupcake shops will sometimes offer a vegan version, and there’s usually sorbet at icecream stores, but I’ve struggled to find vegan pastries as easily. Thankfully, the wonderful vegan store Vegabond (which I already blogged about previously) offer a variety of different pastry selections, including the tofu roll pictured above. I’ve been back to have this on three different weekends now, and last week tried their “Cheeze and Spinach” pastry, and both are amazing. The most impressive thing is that the pastry “puff” part tastes very buttery and slightly sweet – ask the staff to warm up your roll before you eat it to get that extra warmth.

Vegabond @ Leliegracht 16

Vegabond (http://vegabond.nl/) is a vegan store selling all kinds of food, including the popular Violife “cheeses” and Tofurkey “ham”, and household items like vegan toothpaste, floss, condoms, soap…anything you need really. It is basically a one-stop shop for both local vegans as well as tourists, and there’s a lovely seating area overlooking the canal which is just a beautiful spot when it’s sunny. As the store is fully vegan, I’ve loved seeing the number of excited vegans come in and basically buy out the shelves out of pure happiness (myself included).

Apart from the doughnuts I featured in my first post, Vegabond also offers cupcakes, brownies, various other cakes. They have fridge food items, including Linda McCartney, Fry’s Family (yesss) and Gardein (which I haven’t tried yet, but their “Fishless Fillets” await me in my own fridge for tonight’s dinner). I am a fan of their hot chocolate (with added vegan whipcream), which is sold (in total) at EUR 4 but considering the size of the glass, is very worth it. Loook at that whip. mmmmmMMMM.

Vegabond Hot Chocolate

We also tried the rainbow roll – which might be called the “spring/summer” roll – which was also delicious and very refreshing. Also, just look how pretty the colours are. I’m usually not a huge fan of bell peppers/capsicum but within this mixture (including the creamy avocado), it works well.

Vegabond Rainbow wrap

Cannot promise this will be my last post about Vegabond, as I plan to go there (probably) every weekend whilst living here.


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  1. homegrownveganfood says:

    I’m SO jealous.. .all we have around me is Loving Hut 😦 Which is still incredible, but it’s just one restaurant.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. vegansterdam says:

      Ah yes Loving Hut is so yum! But yes hopefully there will be more vegan restaurants opening up near you soon with the growth of the vegan movement 🙂 Disadvantage of where I am though is that we’ll never have your lovely gardening space or skills!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Michael Y says:

    Mmmmm, hot chocolate with whipped cream. If they don’t do it already, you should suggest vegan marshmellows to them 🙂


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