I ate: Palace Aubergine at Sichuan Restaurant

Sichuan Aubergine

I was craving something spicy and flavoursome, so I ordered this “Palace Aubergine” dish at China Town’s Sichuan Restaurant (http://sichuanrestaurant.nl/) – I had this before when I previously came to the restaurant with my parents, and we all loved it. The waitress confirmed that this was vegan, and also recommended a number of other dishes that I could eat as well. The dish was €13.50 but as you can see, was gigantic, and I couldn’t finish it for my dinner – I took it home and had it for lunch again the next day, so I’d recommend that it be shared between two people. It is an incredibly oily dish, quite spicey too, and very strong in smell and taste – not everyone’s cup of (oolong) tea but it definitely satisfies the cravings you have when you crave for…well, this dish. Sichuan food is known for this intensity and spicyness though, and those who love it, will always love it.

I was eating alone and didn’t want to order two dishes for just one person, but this would probably be best eaten alongside another less “strong” vegan dish (and with rice of course). My parents and I had the Palace Green beans as well last time, and that’s a good option to help tone down this spicy dish. They also do the popular Mapo Tofu dish and you can request it to not have meat, and therefore be made vegan – yums.

Sichuan Restaurant @ Zeedijk 103H

There appears to be two locations of this restaurant, both in China Town. I was at Zeedijk 103H, and with my parents I had visited the Warmoesstraat 17 branch. The latter is a bigger restaurant, and presumably the older one, but the menu and service were pertty similar in both places. The waitresses were all Asian from what I could see, but spoke both English and Dutch, and trie dto communicate with me in Mandarin – ahd to embarrassingly tell them that despite my years of lessons I am still not confident enough to reply in Chinese. It’s quite a popular place so expect queues.

P.S Just a tip: at Chinese restaurants, when ordering vegan food, we always have to watch out for the use of oyster sauce, and the presence of eggs. Some menus may say “Vegetarian” dishes, but they actually mean “Vegetable” dishes – you could be given a plate of vegetables with oyster sauce and some sort of meat, for example. If possible, speak to the waiter/waitress and explain to them that you are vegan, which is vegetarian without (particular to Chinese cuisine) oyster sauce, eggs, or fish sauce. Although fish sauce is more prominent in Thai resutarants, it’s always better to be safe.


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