I ate: ramen at FouFow

FouFow Ramen

There are a couple of ramen bars in Amsterdam, but FouFow Ramen comes highly recommended by many. For vegans, the menu reminds you to tell your waiter to make your vegetarian ramen vegan, so they can swap out uses of butter to oil instead. I had the “basic” vegetarian without additional toppings, but a lady sitting next to me (who, I found out later, was also vegan), asked for corn and bamboo shoots to be added, which sounds like a great combination.

The shoyu broth is rich but not too salty, and the noodles are satisfyingly soft. The vegetarian option comes with some leafy greens and also lots of mushroom, so if you’re not a fan do ask them to remove. For extra flavour I did add in quite a lot of chilli paste (which they offer for free on your table, alongside sesame) – this might just be a personal preference though.

FouFow Ramen @ Elandsgracht 2A

The restaurant (http://www.foufow.nl/) is closed on Mondays, and the two times I’ve been (weekdays) there was always a long queue as you can’t make reservations, but the staff were pretty helpful in giving an indication of time. To be on the queue list, you sign your name up on this hanging clipboard, which brings back memories of school lunch/activity sheets. They open for lunch 12 – 3 PM and for dinner from 5 to 9 PM (apart from Mondays), so get there as early as possible for each round if there’s time.

FouFow gyoza

As a side dish, I got these amazingly crispy vegetarian fried gyoza – they actually give you four pieces but I was hungry and ate one before taking this photo. The waitress assured me that this was vegan as well. Green tea, some alcohol and japanese soft drinks (including the interestingly-shaped Ramune bottle, pictured above) are on offer, and funnily enough the green tea brand they give you is actually from Thailand.

With one side-dish, one ramen and one soft-drink, this meal costs about €20.



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