I ate: American pancakes at Bar James

Bar James pancakes

MMmmmMMm. Can’t think of anything smart or lyrical to say right now so will just plainly say YAY. I just had these amazingly delicious (I’m running out of synonyms for delicious so will just stick with this word) vegan American-style stack pancakes, with maple syrup, blueberries and bananas, at Bar James. Super fluffy, sweet but not too sickly, and not dry or bitter. Vegan brunch dreams come true.

Bar James @ Javastraat 49

Apparently this bar/restaurant (http://www.barjames.nl/) in East Amsterdam is the little brother restaurant of The Walter Woodbury (which is just opposite). The decor is beautiful, with dark blues, glass jars and low lights, and on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/barjameswoodbury/) they’ve described themselves as a “vegan whiskey bar”. It was sunny when I went so I sat outside on their wooden benches.

Their menu clearly states what is vegan (or vegetarian), and breakfast and lunch are only served on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays – dinner, on the other hand, is available every day. The menu option itself is not extensive, but from the small selection there’s always vegan options (eyeing the vegan burger and massaman curry for dinner next time I’m there). Also, side note, it was only my second time in the Eastern Docklands but loving the vibe there so will be back to explore more.

Bar James hot choc

For drinks, I had the “Vegan hot chocolate” (it says vegan in the name itself, another YAY) and they give you the option of soya, almond or coconut milk. I got almond, and the milk comes foamed up and warm, and you add in the chocolate chip drops yourself. So, so good.



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