I ate: Fries at Manneken Pis

Mannekin Pis Vegan Mayo Chips

Manneken Pis @ Damrak 41

There’s always a queue outside of Manneken Pis (http://www.mannekenpis.nl/), which proudly displays a “Best Fries in the Netherlands” sign. I haven’t tried enough of the others to confirm or deny this, but Manneken Pis is at the top of my fries shops list because of the splendid fact that they offer Vegan Mayonnaise, clearly labelled and everything. Yep, VEGAN MAYO (yay!). It’s also refreshing that, on the list of sauces offered, the Vegan Mayo isn’t hidden away at the bottom so we feel like we’re ordering something forbidden, but it’s actually one of the first few sauces listed.

The Vegan Mayo itself is deliciously creamy and doesn’t taste artificially sweet, and the thick-cut fries are best eaten hot. Pictured here is the “small” version, which was more than enough for one person – with the sauce this came to around €3.25. Best to go here at odd hours, and preferably on weekdays, to avoid the queues. There are three branches in Utrecht as well.


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