I ate: baguette at Rammenas

Ram Menas Baguette

I’m not trying to be intentionally vague by just saying “baguette”, but I actually can’t remember the full name of this vegan dish by Rammenas Kitchen (http://www.rammenaskitchen.nl/). I can say, though, that it had (as pictured) the crispiest crispy shallots with a vegan-pork filling that was both juicy and fresh.

Rammenas @ Europalaan 2c, Utrecht

From what I’ve gathered, Rammenas “Roots Rock” Kitchen is actually based permanently in Ultrecht, which is a bit of a blub for me given this blog is cleverly (debatable) titled “Vegansterdam” and this is only my second post, but! They cater at various festivals and events – I found them at the Let It Grow Festival which was held on April 2nd at Amsterdam’s Westerpark .
They do appear to update their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/RammenasRootsRockKitchen/) and Instagram (@rammenaskitchen) with their next whereabouts quite regularly, although this is in Dutch so Google Translate will be your friend if, like me, you only speak Engels. Here’s hoping they’ll be back in Amsterdam sometime soon! I’ve heard they have excellent vegan burgers too and everything is incredibly reasonably priced – when I saw them everything was below € 6.

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  1. Michael Y says:

    Looks delicious! Go yummy vegan food!


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