I ate: doughnuts at Vegabond

Vegabond Doughnuts 1

Hello, and welcome to my first post.

Yes, these are #vegan doughnuts/donuts and yes, they are incredible. More info below, but as this is post no. 1 here is a mini introduction: I’m a trainee solicitor on a six month work secondment to Amsterdam and, to set myself a challenge and also because I don’t know what else to watch on Netflix and can’t justify buying another house plant just to have something to do, I have decided to share with the interwebs the vegan foods I’ve found/will find in Amsterdam.

There are already countless other helpful websites and pages giving amazing suggestions for the Amsterdam vegan scene (see e.g. http://www.veganamsterdam.org/ & http://awesomeamsterdam.com/vegetarian-vegan-amsterdam/ & http://www.yourlittleblackbook.me/nl/vegan-restaurants-amsterdam/ & https://www.happycow.net/europe/netherlands/amsterdam/), but hey, who doesn’t like more food photos?

Vegabond Doughnuts 2

Vegabond @ Leliegracht 16

Back to the doughnuts. All four were bought at Vegabond (http://vegabond.nl/), the entirely vegan eatery and store at Leliegracht 16, which is already a favourite weekend spot of mine (okay yes I’ve only been here 3 weekends). They sell for €3.50 per piece, or €12 for four pieces – there were four flavours on offer the day I was there. I didn’t actually ask what the flavours were, but having devoured three already I sense they are, and you can probably guess this, from the top and going clockwise: Cinnamon, Strawberry, Chocolate and TBC. The white, accidentally-cinnamon-stained one I have yet to try but can confirm that the rest are as amazing as they look. They’re the kind of vegan doughnuts which make you wonder why it’s ever necessary for doughnuts to be non-vegan.

Vegabond also sell these tofu rolls which are also DELICIOUS (caps-lock worthy and intended) but those are deserving of their own post.

I’ve typed doughnuts so many times now it’s starting to look alien to me, so I will now stop typing and will instead start eating that last remaining one. MmmMMmmm.


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